Composite Fillings

Composite fillings are the the most common type used to replace mercury amalgam fillings. A direct composite is made up of plastic resin, reinforced with filler particles of silicone dioxide (glass) or zirconium.

You may opt for a biocompatibility test. See my FAQs page. It tells which materials you are most compatible with; However, we do use Diamond products, which are compatible with most all patients. Diamond's composite filling material is called DiamondLite, we can also use DiamondCrown as a filling material because it is harder and more durable. Diamond products are designed with a unique and patented medical grade resin PEX that is proven highly biocompatible in numerous tests. The ceramic glass fillers used are of the highest purity so that the usual residual metals have been eliminated through an exacting manufacturing process. The results are dental materials with superior biological and physico-mechanical properties.

DiamondCrown is a unique biomimetic micro-crystalline PEX based system, unlike BisGMA and UDMA systems, which are amorphous in structure and inherently brittle. The crystalline structure of all Diamond products offers properties similar to tooth such as macro-toughness and micro-elasticity with wear-rate similar to natural tooth. DiamondCrown differs from DiamondLite in that; DiamondCrown has a higher molecular weight of the PEX resin with a denser crystalline structure, which results in even more favorable physical and mechanical properties. This requires a higher degree of manufacturing of the resin base and results in a material that can be used for direct fillings and indirect restorations, crowns, onlays/inlays, bridges and implant supra structure. DiamondLite is for direct anterior and posterior restorations.

Diamond products are designed with a unique and patented medical grade resin PEX that is proven highly biocompatible in numerous tests. The ceramic glass fillers used are of the highest purity so that the usual residual metals have been eliminated through an exacting manufacturing process. The results are dental materials with superior biological and physico-mechanical properties.

Porcelain Crowns and Bridges


The typical crown or bridge is made of porcelain, over gold. It gives an aesthetic appearance, with the gold used for strength. We use GOLDTECH BIO 2000, which is of the finest quality in the world.  It is a Palladium-free, 99.7% High Noble gold alloy, with unsurpassed biocompatibility and the longest documented clinical use.

Q. What is GOLDTECH BIO 2000?

A. GOLDTECH BIO2000 is a unique castable, gold porcelain alloy consisting of 99.7 percent gold with indium and zinc additions: a superior alternative for esthetic restorations.

Q. Why should I use GOLDTECH BIO 2000 ?

A. GOLDTECH BIO 2000 allows you to fabricate aesthetic porcelain fused-to-metal restorations using normal laboratory techniques. You do not have to learn new techniques or purchase expensive equipment.

Q. How does GOLDTECH BIO 2000 develop warm porcelain shades?

A. Because GOLDTECH BIO 2000 is 99.7% gold it retains the true rich color of pure gold, which is the best background for developing warm porcelain shades. Alloy additions such as platinum, palladium or silver would whiten the yellow color rapidly. The rich yellow color of GOLDTECH BIO 2000 absorbs all of the shorter light wavelengths including the blue portion of the spectrum. The blue light is responsible for the dark line seen on traditional porcelain to metal restorations. The reflected light from GOLDTECH BIO 2000 does not contain any blue light so a dark shadow at the gingival is not seen.

Q. How can a 99.7 % gold alloy bond to porcelain?

A. The indium and zinc trace elements produce an almost transparent oxide on the surface of the alloy. This oxide readily bonds to porcelain. The choice and amounts of indium and zinc is no accident. This combination is patented. Consequently no surface binders are necessary.

Q. How can GOLDTECH BIO 2000 be compatible with all porcelains?

A. GOLDTECH BIO 2000 changes some rules regarding how we evaluate porcelain to metal compatibility. Because the alloy is almost pure gold it can transmit heat very fast. Stress develops in porcelain when it begins to set during the firing cooling cycle at about 600C. At this stage, GOLDTECH BIO 2000 will lose heat over a thousand times faster than the porcelain. The actual temperature of the alloy will be always much lower than the porcelain temperature. For GOLDTECH BIO 2000 , comparing the thermal expansion numbers at equal temperatures is not valid. As long as the alloy is able to release heat fast, it will meet the criteria for compatibility with any porcelain. The rapid heat transfer is the reason for using hollow pontics when fabricating bridgework: the design can release heat fast. Solid pontics cannot release heat fast enough and may crack the porcelain.

Q. How strong is GOLDTECH BIO 2000?

A. The secret of GOLDTECH BIO 2000's strength is in the design of the restoration and the use of full porcelain coverage. As an aesthetic alloy GOLDTECH BIO 2000 is designed for use from bicuspid to bicuspid in segments of one or three units.

Q. Is GOLDTECH BIO 2000 a cost effective alloy?

A. Since GOLDTECH BIO 2000 is designed for full porcelain coverage, relatively little alloy is used in each restoration. Overall cost per unit is very reasonable.

Non-Metal Crowns and Bridges


The IPS Empress System is continuously being further developed to keep abreast of the latest trends. As a consequence, decisive enhancements have been made with regard to its aesthetics and function and its processing properties. With more than 33 million restorations fabricated with the leucite glass-ceramic throughout the world, the system has gained a reputation for producing long-lasting, natural-looking results and maintaining high quality standards.

Enduring Strength Without Metal

It's leucite reinforced, pre-ceramed structure and pressure-injected fabrication offer you twice the strength of conventional ceramic materials. Resin bonding has also been demonstrated to significantly increase the overall strength of a restoration. The IPS Empress system incorporates a full bonding system to ensure superior strength, less breakage and fewer repairs.

The IPS Empress material is made of an extremely homogeneous leucite-based ceramic, which scatters light like natural enamel and blends in well with its surroundings. Restorations fabricated with the material exhibit lifelike translucency and a true-to-nature appearance. The highly aesthetic all-ceramic single tooth restorations, such as inlays, onlays, crowns and veneers blend in seamlessly with the surrounding dentition.

The new IPS Empress Esthetic Line offers heightened aesthetics, enhanced properties and cost effectiveness for the Staining Technique and partially layered veneers. With the new IPS Empress Esthetic Line for inlays, partial crowns, full  crowns and veneers, the product family has been further enhanced. The result is an extremely homogeneous leucite glass-ceramic, which features nature light scattering and offers a balanced chameleon effect. Due to an increased density and homogeneity of the crystals, the restorations blend beautifully into the nature surroundings.


Posterior bridges were contraindicated in all-ceramics for a long time, as they have to withstand high chewing forces.  With its outstanding strength (>900 MPa), IPS e.max ZirCAD thus also fulfils clinical requirements related to masticatory forces, particularly in the posterior region. IPS e.max ZirCAD frameworks are either veneered with IPS e.max Ceram or IPS e.max ZirPress is pressed onto them. Consequently, highly aesthetic zirconium-reinforced restorations can be fabricated.

Thanks to the high strength values, zirconium-reinforced restorations can be adhesively, self-adhesively or conventionally cemented.

As an alternative to conventional veneering, the fluorapatite glass-ceramic IPS e.max ZirPress can be pressed onto zirconium oxide frameworks, which are either stained or additionally veneered.

The press-on technique allows the fabrication of crowns and bridges which exhibit a similar accuracy of fit as pressed glass-ceramic restorations. For the first time ever, your dental technician can fabricate the conventional inlay-retained bridge in a minimally invasive fashion using all-ceramics. The strength of IPS e.max ZirCAD frameworks is optimally combined with the aesthetics and accuracy of fit of pressed ceramics.

Partials and Dentures

Lucitone FRS is a flexible resin aesthetic partial denture, very strong, stain resistant, without needing metal clasps and less likely to fracture than similar systems of the past.  These partials are processed using the Success Injection System that insures great accuracy and lightweight comfort. The thermo-plastic, monomer and metal free material has low shrinkage, impact resistance, great adjustment characteristics and is available in 199 shades and clear acrylic.  A very strong nightguard can also be made using Lucitone FRS.

Lucitone 199 is a premium acrylic denture resin.  Unsurpassed ultra-high impact strength and customer preferred shading make Lucitone 199 simply the best - the industry gold standard. Offering superb resistance to flexure fatigue, excellent tissue coloration, vein simulation and balanced translucency, Lucitone 199 Denture Resin is available in four aesthetic shades.   It costs the lab a lot more than regular acrylic, but it's beauty, strength and long life are worth it.

We just got back from Mexico, where I had all my mercury fillings removed. Everything went smoothly. We had no problems while we were in Mexico, enjoyed a wonderful day at the beach, and had no problems getting back into the USA. The dental visit went well. I opted for conscious sedation, so I don't remember much. I needed a little more work done than just removing the fillings. The Dr. is a very good dentist. He was very respectful of what I wanted to get done, and how I wanted to fix some of the other problems in my mouth, cost versus comfort. Now I will start chelating.

Cara Cerna,
Spanish Fork, Utah

Hello Torrie

Just to let you know, my teeth have improved a lot. I Hardly feel any pain and sensitivity, now. I'm glad that it is over. I feel wonderful!! Just want to thank you for making my appointment and convincing me to go no matter how sick I was feeling.

Jay (Jack) Ewing,
Columbus, OH

I have had a mistrust with the dental profession in my home area since my old dentist retired. I found out about the Dr. through Torrie and today went there for my appointment. The experience was fantastic. I had the lymphatic massage, sedation and many extractions. I am talking right now with my roommate and have no discomfort other than a little tenderness of my gums and I have had no need for pain killers after leaving the good Dr's office.

Darren McQuaid,
Champaign, ILL

I am from New York City, and went to the Dr. in July. I'm going back sometime in the spring to get my permanent crowns and cavitations done. OK, I'll preface this by saying that I'd thought long ago about getting the amalgam out of my mouth, but since I wasn't driven by serious health problems as many others are, I put it off. Then last March, my excellent local Russian dentist found decay under a poorly-installed crown (another NY dentist's work). She shook her head over it and advised me to get a root canal immediately. Well that I was NOT going to do.

So I went back through my emails to find that 'amazing guy in Mexico' a friend had told me about years ago. It turned out to be this Dr. So, my relatively inexpensive dentist here wanted 900. for the root canal and 600. for a standard (nickel-based) crown.

Bear in mind that I don't bother with health insurance any more because I never need it -- I haven't had so much as a headache in years, haven't even taken an aspirin since 1998. Before that I was in very rough shape, in fact on my way to an early death -- but I went on the blood type diet in 1997 and basically aged backward for the past 8 years or so it seems! :-)

So with no insurance, factor the total cost of that 1500. one-tooth-repair against a 10- day vacation including the benefit of getting rid of all the amalgam. I picked up a flight on Orbitz for 400. RT. I took a shuttlebus to the Harbor at San Diego, and picked up the trolley to the border a few blocks away. All for about 5! The distances are SHORT from airport to SD, and the trolley is maybe 45 minutes ~ it all takes far less time than you might think, and it's beautiful scenery for the most part. Walk across the pedestrian bridge, down through the back-end of town and you're there. By the time I'd asked for the discount, and dickered a little, paid cash up front, etc. the hotel was very cheap, on the order of 45-47 per night, 9 nights. No kitchenette, I went out for every meal and ate well on maybe 20. average per day.

Let me say here that I did quite a bit of off-the-tourist-strip walking and shopping, and it was the opposite experience from what you might expect given that I speak virtually no Spanish. Kind, talkative people all over the place -- Got some amazing photos. Of course I watched my back, but I was alone motoring around the place as I pleased and I met new friends and had a great time. Total trip costs in the neighborhood of 1050., including flight, hotel, and food. (Just a little more than having a health-destroying root canal put into my head!) That was for ten days, as I had planned to be there long enough to maybe get my permanent crowns as well, or in case something needed fixing or adjusting after the initial work was done. So if you have a shorter stay, your hotel costs of course would be less.

One last note: My dentist in NY showed me the xrays of the tooth under the old crown -- I was pretty much resigned to losing that tooth. I had a very deep filling in one of the others, and figured that one would go as well. The Dr. saved both teeth! I find it hard to put a price on having two live teeth where I expected two holes, but to me that cuts the real cost still further. :-D

Heidi M.,
NYC, New York

Follow Up:

I certainly did regrow a lot of hair. The major benefit to me was that my brain started working again... and my energy returned.

Heidi M.,
NYC, New York

In June of 2005 I was 49 years old and I had dental infections in all four quadrants. And I had had infectious problems off and on since my first root canal back around 1990. I had 5 or 6 root canalled molars, and they all eventually required extraction. In June of 2005 I needed cavitation surgeries for four sockets where there had been root canalled teeth; I needed an extraction of an infected tooth; I needed my last amalgam filling removed and replaced; and I was being quoted from $5000 to $10,000 cash up front by American holistic dentists and oral surgeons. I had no insurance, and those amounts of money were unpayable for me. Two of the four cavitation surgeries were on sites that had already been surgerized by a well respected holistic dentist in California. But he could not complete the work because I could not take anymore of the surgery. He could not use IV sedation; and the local anesthetic and nitrous oxide weren't killing the pain. That procedure was pretty much torture, and it was still left uncompleted at the end of it.

I decided that going to Mexico was my best shot at getting well, and after some internet research I went to Tijuana to visit the Dentist. I'm going to go into some detail about this experience because I'm concerned that too many people who cannot afford the dental work they need are reluctant to go to Mexico where it's affordable.

I checked into the motel (the community connecting San Diego with the border) for their page] and took the shuttle bus that the motel provided into Tijuana and to the Dr.'s office. The first day they took a pan x-ray and made an examination. The man who worked with me was the Dr's associate. The Dr. also looked at the x-rays and evaluated them. They told me almost exactly what the last two American dentists had told me - I needed five cavitation surgeries, an extraction, and my last amalgam filling removed, and I needed to be fitted for partial plates both upper and lower. In this office, they do all this in one day. They use IV sedation which they call "conscious sedation". I was plenty scared. The doctors were ready to do the surgery the next day, but I asked them for a few days to prepare and I made an appointment for next week.

The day of the surgery I was given a massage in the massage parlor above the dental office. They ask that surgery patients have this massage to calm their nerves. I went back downstairs and was put in the dental chair. "Dr. Patty" came in and introduced herself. She was the anesthesiologist . She hooked me up to a monitoring machine and saw that my heartbeat rate was 120 and my blood pressure was way high. She asked if I had chronic high blood pressure and I said no, and that I was just very nervous. She was concerned that I was nervous about the insertion of the IV needle. I tried to tell her that I didn't care about that, but her English was so limited that she called a young intern assistant who spoke excellent English to ask what I was saying to her. (The doctors and the front desk people there are all fluent in English) She inserted the IV needle and I sat there for a minute wondering what this stuff was going to feel like; and then a profound calm descended on me. Dr. Patty remarked that my heart rate and blood pressure had returned to normal. And then things started dimming out. The Assistant [Dentist] came in and started doing the work. The Dr. came over to observe and comment once or twice. There was one time when I felt some pain - not that it was too big a deal because of the general anesthetic - but I did come out of my twilight to protest. He gave me another shot of local anesthetic, and then continued. It still hurt, and I protested again. He then gave the signal to Dr. Patty, and she put me out cold. That's all I remember.

I woke up about three hours after the start of the anesthetic, and I was drowsy, but I was alert enough be escorted back into the waiting area. Still in a half-stupor, The Assistant came out and asked me how I was feeling. "Better" I said truthfully. I could feel, even while I was still woozy from the anesthetic, that an important infectious burden had been removed from me. Fifteen years of off-and-on sickness were now over.

I was fitted for upper and lower partial plates and they were made and bite adjusted in just a few days. The dentures cost nearly as much as the surgery. The dentures came to $660. The surgery came to around $700.

I have gone into this detail because I know there are people out there who are in the same boat I was in. I couldn't go to an orthodox dentist again because it was they who had done this to me; I couldn't go to an alternative dentist because they were demanding sums of money - cash on the barrel head - that I couldn't pay. The experience of going to the Dentist in Tijuana is nothing to be afraid of. .... Tijuana is a rather depressing border town, and so the jokes and camaraderie in the shuttle are comforting. My only regret about the entire episode was that I hesitated for so long before going down there, and endured sickness longer than I had to.

Cary K Gray
Winnetka, CA

I stayed there [at the motel]... I took my friend with me as I do not like to travel alone. Everyone was very nice there... the workers and people staying there. Everyone there seems to be there for their health, so you are in good company.

It is not a 5 star hotel, but it is clean, the shuttle is on time and for the price you can't beat it. Especially with traffic in the morning... it's close as you can get.

As far as the neighborhood. There is a school right across the street... not that I heard any noise from it, but it seems to be o.k. Again, I was there for one purpose, so leaving my hotel was not in the books. I just wanted to finally get some rest by the time I got back to my hotel and I slept really well... and woke up in the A.M. and went back.

There is a Denny's very close... a Jack In The Box is pretty close too... but there is a pizza place... King's Pizza that will deliver right to your room... really good food ;)

Pamela Fleurnoire,
Los Angeles, CA

Here's a short update...

Keeping a journal and will give you my full story later... This is day 4... the soreness in my mouth is going away... I have a good day then a rough day... With how toxic and poisoned my body was the chelation is rough... but did you hear that "I had a good day".

When I saw Torrie after my procedure I was giddy at the fact I was still standing... this is after we made the error of thinking we could get across the border standing in line... wrong answer... we stood in line 2.5 hours [it was a weekend] then met Torrie and I was still full of energy... Another interesting fact... while I was standing in line my back started to hurt... I can't tell you how ecstatic I was as I have permanent back damage and I have been so ill from the mercury I can't tell you the last time I had a back ache!!! This showed me I was getting some clarity back!!!

When I got home I wanted to wash my hair immediately... washing my hair was a huge process before... some of you will relate to this...

I actually went for a walk yesterday morning when I woke up... OMG! It was really nice being aware of my surroundings... as before if I could walk (which is rare). I did not have my blinders on... I could see and smell things in an all new context...

So... today is a rough day... so I am just taking it easy and sticking to my chelation protocol and working on getting better again "taking it easy"...

Doing all this was sooooo simple as far as following Torrie's directions... motel is wonderful and the van comes right to the front door and takes you to your appointment.

I can't remember the last time I felt like I was "in heaven"... I am going back just for the lymphatic massages!!! I have never had a massage like that and I have took the best nap and I have had many with my FMS... Then, the Doctor gave me a sedative and I took the best nap ever and woke up feeling like I had blinked and boom!!! Done!!! Truly amazing all around!!! I have been blessed. Thank you Torrie...

Pamela Fleurnoire,
Los Angeles, CA

Thank you for the website and the connection to the Dentist.

I did not get an appointment today, but have one on monday. I have had at least 24 mercury filling procedures in my life and feel I have some deleterious results. I had an appointment to have 2 more mercury fillings removed today at my regular dentist who takes no precautions. But now I will go south of the border.

Russell P.,
Oceanside, CA

Follow up:

By the way I took myself daughter and mother in law to the Dr.'s office yesterday for some dental work. Thanks again, Russ.

Russell P.,
Oceanside, CA

I flew from Pa to see him. all i can say is its the greatest thing ive ever done. i was in a depressed fog since i was 12. now im 29, and its all gone. i wouldve ruined my life for sure, if i hadnt found the Dr. i owe him my life. im a totally different person now. i woke up from surgery a better, happier man.

The Dr. took out 6 mercury fillings, and 2 white fillings that had fuji under them. he also cleaned my cavitations. the big job was the 2 root canals i had in my front teeth. he yanked them and cleaned the cavitations. ive got a temp. partial for 3 months til the site heals and i can get a permanent one. the sickest thing was i kept my root canalled teeth. i washed them and put em in a film container. 2 days later i opened it. the smell from the teeth hit me like a punch in the face. i literally almost puked from the smell. those were the bacteria that were ruining my life. now theyre in a film container!

I was totally scared to go, but it actually was better than i couldve ever hoped. the massage was the best, and the surgery didnt even hurt cuz i was asleep. the best part was, it was cheaper than the price i was quoted cuz the dr worked so quick. it was all done and the partial in place in 4.5 hrs. if anyone has any reservations about doing it, dont. you have nothing to worry about, but saving your health.

im having all kinds of weird things happen only 3 days after surgery. my skin is so soft, and my black heads are pushing themselves out of my face. my thrush is totally gone. breath smells great for the whole day. i dont need naps anymore. im always energetic. no more headaches. my sinuses are clear for the first time in 17 yrs. my skin doesnt feel itchy and dirty anymore. my irritable bowel is non existent. sex drive is back. as well as some "private" things getting way better, no need for viagra if you get my drift. my eyes seem clearer as well as my vision. muscles are relaxed. the best part is my head is finally clear, and i can think ahead, and in a more positive way.

this all happened almost overnight. sorry if im gushing, but im soo happy to have my life back. if you dont believe me i dont really care, cuz i wont spend my nights staring at curezone anymore, looking for a miracle cure. ill be out living life.

Brian Hofnagel,
Cleona, PA

Follow up:

Getting those root canals out saved me. i feel so different. my brain is functioning differently. im the guy i always new i could be. one of the first things i did when i came home was get a copy of my credit report to try and fix the damage that the old me did. i also got offered a great job in cali, thanks to my new positive mental state. since ill be living there i can go to the Dr. anytime. i wish i had more teeth to fix cuz i love the guy, and all the people are so nice, and the office staff is one of the hottest ive seen. id like to share experiences. i never had that good an experience at a dr's office!

Brian Hofnagel,
Cleona, PA

I was in the Dr's office having 5 amalgams replaced using conscious sedation. I was very nervous about it beforehand also, but it went very well for me. He's a great dentist, and I'm delighted with the work he did. The only unpleasantness for me was putting the IV needle in my wrist, and the fact that I was nauseous afterwards for a few hours. On the way home, I had to open the door of the shuttle van and throw up! (Just a tiny bit, because there really wasn't anything in my stomach. Now I know why they tell you not to eat beforehand.) Please forgive the graphic details. They told me to sit for a while before heading home, but I felt good and didn't take their advice. Maybe I should have! It was a major step for me, and I feel I made the right choice in choosing the Dr.

Bruce Siegel
Los Angeles, CA

Follow Up:

Hi Torrie, I hope you're doing well!

It's 6 weeks since I had my amalgams removed, and the new fillings are holding up well. I'm pleased with them!

Thanks, Bruce

Bruce Siegel
Los Angeles, CA

I know what you mean by saying it's a big decision about who to choose for dental work:

My first motivation for choosing the Dr. was financial -- I couldn't afford the local guy even though I was confident he would do excellent work.  I would have had to stretch the removal out over a year or two, and I wanted the mercury out, especially after my tests confirmed how high my levels were.  I was sick of being sick and desperate to get the poison out.  Once I decided to go to Mexico, I knew in my heart it was the right decision.  I've gotten better about trusting my intuition, and on this decision I didn't waver, even as friends cautioned me about going to Tijuana. I was amazed at the hotel in San Ysidro how nearly every guest was there to cross the border for medical treatment.

At first I was uptight about having the conscious sedation so that all the work could be done in one day, but now I'm grateful I did it that way. I think it would've been harder on me physically to spread the removal out.  I recovered quickly, and am gaining strength and energy each day.  My local doctor is quite amazed, and is willing to refer patients to him.  People close to me have commented on my color -- that my skin is no longer grey, and that there is a lightness about me.  Certainly some of this is due to my psyche being so relieved that the mercury is out of my mouth, but plenty of this is due to physical evidence of my regaining health. In all, 9 amalgams were removed, one root canal tooth pulled, 4 cavitations cleaned, and 2 crowns rebuilt. I return next week for the permanent crowns, and will have a perm bridge placed in April for the pulled tooth.  I am very pleased with the work that was done, and would highly recommend the Dr.

Sherrie Wagoner,
Tucson, AZ

Follow up:

I went to the Dr. (thanks to Torrie's info.  Just met with my local doc yesterday and she is amazed at how good I look after one week even with all the work I had done.  She nearly dropped dead when I told her what it cost.  She also asked me to bring in some of his cards so she can refer some of her patients.

Follow up:

I had my amalgams removed two weeks ago, feel better than I have in 10+ years.

Sherrie Wagoner,
Tucson, AZ

...on my way home from a month long trip...I started to get an earache. After going to the doctor I was told that I had fluid in my ear and was given medication to dry it up and a prescription for antibiotics. In a week's time I still had the earache and it was even more intense. I went back to another doctor who looked into my ear and did a pressure testing and said there was no pressure nor fluid.

I proceeded to a dentist where they took x-rays and could see nothing wrong that would indicate a problem to cause pain. I was given pain pills and told to come back if it persisted! I did go back as I had found the culprit tooth while using my sonic toothbrush. The pain was sharp and directly into the jaw. I went back to the dentist and she told me I'd need a root canal. Well after reading Dr. Huggins books I knew it was out of the question so I called my aunt who I knew had seen a dentist in Mexico that followed Dr. Huggins protocol and little did I know it was the Doctor who was mentioned in Dr. Huggins book! I was thrilled.

After meeting the Dr. I was even more thrilled as I found him to be very caring and I immediately knew I was in good hands. His office was friendly and clean and he is funny as well as very patient and detailed.

He removed the filling in my tooth and went ahead and removed the filling behind that tooth so both molars were cleared of amalgam residue that was supposedly removed when those two teeth were refilled with composite material years before! The dentist here had removed some of the amalgam and then covered what was left with composite! The Dr. then put medicated temporary fillings in the teeth and let them rest and heal. This was a totally new approach to me and I did get immediate relief. I'd never heard of such a thing. Trying to heal a tooth??? I did get better for a while and then it reverted back to aching again. Anyway to make a long story short the tooth ended up dying (shown on x-ray); I had to have it extracted.

Along with that visit I had total restoration done. I was put on IV sedation and all the metal including two crowns were removed from my mouth and replaced with non-toxic composite materials. The crowns impression were done and temporaries put on until the new ones were made up. I had four cavitation's at wisdom tooth extraction sites as well.

It was all pain free and I must say the most profound change I've noticed is I am not in a brain fog anymore. My thoughts and clarity of thinking amaze me! I no longer have any anxiety attacks which during the tooth ache ordeal were coming every single night! It was horrible and I thought I was loosing my mind. I highly recommend the Dr. for his quality work and genuine caring for his patient.

Laurie G.,
Hesperia, CA

I would be happy to share my recent dental clean-up with the Dr:

I had a root canal tooth removed (lower back molar) and 10 cavitations done with conscious sedation. My root was literally wrapped around my jawbone, a very challenging removal for any oral surgeon. Dental x-rays are not 3-D, so obviously the dentist doesn't know this in advance. He was able to remove the root completely intact, without any breakage. My husband and I were both able to view the root laying on the dentist tray after removal, and yes, not only were the tips black, but my high noble gold crown over my tooth, was not only corroded, but you could see a black colony of bacteria setting up housekeeping in the crown.

To say that he is a highly skilled oral surgeon would be an understatement in my book. In fact, after we returned home (Ga), I reflected on the dentist (I've had several), who started crowns, and root canals on my lower teeth, in 1992. I had completely forgotten his comment to me when he was crowning the other back molar, and said, You don't ever want these teeth extracted, because you have the roots of a 7 foot tall basketball player (I'm very small). An oral surgeon would have to break your jawbone to get your roots out, then wire it back together. When I remembered that statement, I really was in awe of the Dr.'s ability and skill!!! I am still astounded how he managed to get it out in tact! I only used Tylenol 2, some mild swelling (normal), and no bruising on my face.

If you knew my health condition, and what a stretch it was for me to not only fly there, but to decide to go through with the surgery, you would be even more impressed with not only the Dr., but my anesthesiologist (Dr. Patty, and all of his staff. I am a high risk patient, and I received the finest treatment and care in the world. I do not make that statement lightly.

So, that was my root canal experience. I highly recommend the Dr. May I add, for what it is worth to you, that should he find anything on your panoramic x-ray in addition to the work you are planning on having done, I would do it! He truly is a biologic dentist in the sense that his primary concern is the overall health of your entire body. Money is not at the top of his list at all, rather the bottom. Listen closely to his advice. He will not steer you wrong and your health is his priority. I wish you the best. You will be in very good hands indeed. Be sure and give him my highest regards if you decide to see him.

Jeanette H.,
Atlanta, GA

From Jeanette H. to another patient:

Hello Shannon,

My experience with the Dr. was professional, gracious, and quite frankly, "top notch". I am medically fragile (my husband flew with me and I required oxygen on the flight). We stayed at the Villa Torrie recommends in TJ because I was having a five hour oral surgery with conscious sedation, so I was his patient for the day, so to speak. The hotel, taxi, to his office was courteous and efficient. I recommend you schedule time in advance with the massage therapists in his office. They are outstanding. It does help relax and focus you, certainly in my case, with a five hour trek ahead of you.

After my oral surgery, we went back to our hotel in T.J. The Dr. wanted me close by in case there were any complications. There were none. Not even a bruise on my face. I was utterly amazed. I have had oral surgery before and it is unpleasant, to say the least. He is one of the top oral surgeons in the world. Besides his expertise, he is a very gracious, humble humanitarian. I could not have been in better hands. I thank God for him. My health is better, thanks to him. In fact, my husband and I will be returning to Mexico at the end of the year for more follow-up work. I cannot give enough accolades to the Dr. and his staff. My husband and I had the very best of TLC. I hope this helps you and your husband.

Jeanette H.,
Atlanta, GA


I was at the Dr.'s office having some work done for the first time last Friday. Torrie mentioned that you might like a referral/ testimonial as you are considering being a new patient of his. My story in a nutshell: I have been to 3 "biological dentists" and trust me they are often greedy for money and not experienced or high quality. This includes even some of the ones that charge less in Mexico. The Dr. not only charges less but delivers the best quality of any dentist I have EVER been to. The Dr. was sensitive, intuitive and light-hearted. His work was fast, efficient and was the highest quality so far in my experience. He has had more years in actual experience in this field than anyone I have encountered so far. I was very sick with an infection from a root canal tooth.

If I had gone to the Dr. first I would have saved myself approximately 2000.00 (conservative estimate) and 6 months of continued illness and suffering. Right now I am not experiencing any of the illness that I noticed right away after treatment with the other dentists. I believe that the biggest mistake that the other dentists made (among many) was to fill the cavitation with a bone filler after the surgery. That caused the infection to remain. The Dr. did not do that. He also did not require that I have additional treatments that are not helpful or necessary but cost more ie. IV sedation, laser treatments, magnets or other "medications" that cost a lot and are not necessary or even effective. The one thing the Dr. did recommend was a Vitamin C IV which is wonderful in preventing infection to the rest of the body. I will be sending my daughter and my best friend to this man for dental healing. He is truly wonderful I feel truly lucky to have had the opportunity. I feel like I can begin to have my life back.

Judith Hodges,
San Diego, CA

Follow up:

I'm calling him Dr. Miracles. He just listens and responds appropriately. Have not experienced that before-EVER.

Judith Hodges,
San Diego, CA


It was so good to see you.  I don't know if I made any sense or not at the time.  I felt better immediately in the area where I always felt so sick, the right side of my face--no more hellish headaches or teeth on edge, just the pain where the extractions and cavitations were.  What a relief!  Can't wait to get the permanent bridge.  The lower partial is nicer than any I have had in 40 years.  I can't believe it is temporary.

Terrence is saying, it is just captivating, the information Torrie has on her website.

Take care of yourself!  You are the one who brought us in!  We're telling everyone!

Please tell everyone how anxious I was at coming to a "foreign" country to have radical dentistry and how the Dr. and the massage therapists and the assistant Dr., and especially you were so patient to answer all questions with professionalism mixed with fun and excitement--guess you all knew we would be relieved after the work was done.  The Dr. is so bright! His sense of humor is therapeutic; he should be vain about his looks, but I doubt he is.  As soon as he spoke to us, I could tell his heart was in his work.

We learned a lot from a wonderful M.D. who was there from D.C. having the same dental work done we were and became friends with a dear patient who offered to pick us up the airport the next trip out there.  We didn't mind the waiting because of the chance to get to know these other patients.  We were impressed to see how hard everyone worked together to accomplish what would take weeks or months here and the house would have to be mortgaged.

Language was not the problem anywhere that I thought it would be.  We appreciated all who spoke English for us. As for those who didn't, we somehow understood each other and laughed through it.

After meeting the Dr. and getting the panoramic x-rays, the least of my worries was losing those 3 teeth and all those metal crowns that had caused me to have such pathetic health during the years when I should have been able to finish school and have a promising career.  Yet, I was afraid on the way out there that I may have overestimated how much of my health problems were caused by them.  Now I realize I had underestimated their affect on my health.  Those headaches with the frightening visual disturbances and the feeling my head was going to burst and with nausea and feeling sick all day long being gone along with the muscle twitching in my face and especially my eyelids--I couldn't have made a better decision than coming there.

We haven't begun the chelation program yet.  I think that once the metals are chelated out of my brain, I will get much of my mental energy back. It was devastating to become forgetful before I even became mature, much less old!

I didn't get to meet the other Sylvia King. Maybe next time!

Every day is special now, because not only do I not have those headaches, I now get really hungry and can eat a full meal instead of just forcing myself to eat snacks all day so I don't crash and I don't get sick after I eat, but on top of all that we now know you all!  You know how it is when you are sick and most drs think you are a nut case, and then you find a Dr. like this.  It changes your own personal life and it changes your outlook on life and hope for others.  Terrence and I were saying we wish we had a charter service to bring people there and be there for them, or a bed and breakfast sort of place for them.

Sylvia King,
Clearwater, FL

I wanted to tell everyone about my experience in case you need dental work and can't afford it.

I had 9 amalgams and a bad crown that needed to come out. I had been reading Torrie's website with great interest but was afraid to go that far (I'm in Florida.) I thought I'd rather spend a little more money and go with a local dentist. I found a local holistic, metal free dentist and went for an appointment with him. He told me that 4 of my amalgams were so large that they would need to be crowned instead of refilled. Also, my crowned tooth looked on the xray to be dying so he could either do a root canal or pull it and put in a bridge. I knew I didn't want a root canal (and was surprised that a holistic dentist would even do it) but wasn't happy to think that two perfectly good molars would be ground down for a bridge either. He finally gave me a total cost of 10,000. which included around 3,000. for the bridge. I had several misgivings about this dental office, from the whiter-than-white teeth on their too-large, perfect smiles, all the way up to the price....

I began emailing Torrie for more information and finally she set up an appointment with her dentist, in Mexico. I was very skeptical because for all I knew Torrie was really a man who lured unsuspecting dental patients over the border, bopped them on the head and stole their travelers checks. But she put me in touch with about a dozen real people all over the country with real phone numbers and real stories of how he was a great dentist, so I began to feel more comfortable.

My husband and I flew to San Diego and stayed in the hotel that Torrie recommended, ... and saw the Dr. the next morning. The motel was clean and comfortable, and it had a full kitchenette which was great. The best thing about the motel was that they offer free shuttles to the clinics in Tijuana. A lot of people apparently go there for other medical procedures like cancer treatment and plastic surgery. Our bus driver was a lively, jovial soul named Raoul, who further put me at ease when he told me that everyday he brings people across the border who come from all over the world just to see the Dr. because he is THE BEST dentist!

Because I was having a lot done and would use the conscious IV sedation, they offered a massage beforehand. According to Torrie it was a good idea because it stimulated the lymph glands to help with detox. The massage was given in a room upstairs by two nice women who knew what they were doing. After the massage I was so relaxed I couldn't even get worked up over the IV which I normally hate.

The dental work took about 5 hours. He ended up pulling the crowned tooth which I was glad of because it had been giving me pain for a long time. He also did three cavitations where my wisdom teeth had been pulled out 20 years ago. The total bill including the massage, the cavitations, the vitamin c IV, the IV sedation was only 2,000. We had to go back again for the partial and met some very interesting people in the waiting room, including one man who had had rheumatoid arthritis so bad he couldn't lift his arms to even wash himself. He had been crippled, homeless, and suicidal, but just getting out his mercury fillings totally healed him! Another lady was from Missouri, I asked how she heard about the Dr. she told us she had been seeing Dr Hulda Clark and Dr Clark herself had recommended him! People really do come from all over the world to see the Dr! The Dr. himself was very nice, and followed all the protocols so I felt very good about my experience. He also answered all my followup questions and didn't try to sell me any other products or services, which was nice. I didn't need 4 new crowns after all, for which I was very thankful! Also, he did the 3 cavitations which I didn't know I needed until he explained them in detail.

The day after the dental work I noticed that the arthritis in my hands was gone! I wasn't expecting that and it was a nice surprise. Overall, I'm very thankful I went to him. I don't think I could have found a better dentist no matter how hard I looked or how much money I spent. I figured that flying myself and my husband out and paying for a rental car and the motel and food, and shopping, we spent around 1,000. That and the 2,000. for the dental work meant we still saved 7,000. over the cost of the local dentist. We never did get to meet Torrie, we ended up renting a car so we didn't need her transportation service. As far as I can tell, that's the only way she makes money from this, is from the transporting people to and from the airport. Yet she answered all my emails and questions and was just generally helpful in facilitating this. If it wasn't for her I wouldn't have been able to do this. Torrie, you're doing a great service! I appreciate it so much!

If you need any kind of dental care, I HIGHLY recommend the Dr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In fact, it's well worth it for me to go back to him (from Florida, no less!) for any dental work I need in the future, because he's the first dentist I've ever trusted. If you're really short on money you can keep costs down further because we didn't really need the rental car and I also got the massage and vit c IV which are not essential. If I was really broke I would hitchhike... Like one patient I met in the waiting room said, "I'd crawl over broken glass to see the Dr!" Go get your amalgams out, you'll be so glad you did!!

Vicki Baublitz,
Port St Lucie, FL

Hi Doc,

We're back home now and all I can say is Praise the Lord for you. She spent an unbelievable 6.5 hrs in your chair, you did three extractions, replaced 11 amalgams, did 2 other fillings and 2 or 3 cavtations. It's amazing. All we did was the ice packs after all the work and today she has almost no swelling and no pain! The arthritis pain in her upper arms is already gone and we're confident that the rest of the arthritis symptoms will alleviate rapidly (will keep you posted). I don't use exclamation marks very often but I can't help it. Your skill is unbelievable! I'm coming back for myself and my two teenage boys in September (Lord willing). What more can I say? She has to come back for her permanent crown and a couple more cavitations (you ran out of time!), but...there is no other dentist for us! I am a red, white and blue USA patriot but your the best anywhere in my book.

The Lord bless you and keep you,
Chuck & Terry Trett,
Pahrump, NV

Hey Torrie,

I have made it home. Thank you, thank you, thank you again. I am pleased beyond all my expectations with the work on my teeth by the Dr. I never had so much fun at the dentist either. I've included pictures I've taken of my extracted tooth which I kept for a souvenir.

It is two days after I had a root canal tooth extracted and 5 silver amalgams removed and replaced with composite fillings.  I virtually have no pain from the procedure and I am 100% satisfied.  I know where I am going for my dental work from now on and it ain't in America!!!  Yeah baby!!!

Craig Miles,
San Luis Obispo, CA

Follow up:

Just got back from TJ. My third visit to the Dr. Had to have a temporary filling replaced with a permanent composite filling. It was the final touches of a process that started 4 months ago. I had 5 amalgams removed and 1 root canal extraction done in April. The Dr. squeezed me into his busy day. He was in the middle of a patient who was having 6 or 7 mercury amalgams removed and 4 root canal extractions. The Dr., to say the least, was in a zone. He had alot on his plate, so to speak, but he removed my temporary and put in my permanent like he was changing a tire on the Indianapolis speedway with the speed and skill of the finest tire changer. I could sense the whole time that I was being worked on by someone at the top of his field. When he finished with me he was back into his other patient as if he was doing open heart surgery. I was in awe of the intensity I was a witness to. It was just one of those times when you know you are in the presence of the finest. The Dr. is an expert at what he does and if you need a dentist don't look any where else. I saw it first hand. I feel very fortunate to have found the Dr. And thank you Torrie for leading me to him. My dental problems are now a thing of the past and damn that feels good!!!

Craig Miles,
San Luis Obispo, CA

Hi Torrie I'm doing well. The following can be used as a testimonial.

Thank you Torrie for your website and promotion of you Dentist. I may be able to talk my dad into going later on. We drove taking the 5 to the 805 and parked in the per day parking lot found when taking the last USA exit, then walked across the border through the gate. The three of us were approached by one of the many taxi cab drivers a few steps into Mexico. We paid and were dropped off at the corner where we saw the green building with the Dr.'s name clearly written on the window. In the waiting room we had a chance to chat with a few people. One man had come all the way from Canada and the day before the Dr. had removed 7 amalgam fillings. The man said he felt better immediately after they were removed and had no detox reactions whatsoever. He said the 'silver' fillings had been placed 7 years ago and that's when his general malaise began. Another woman sitting across from me was missing 13 mercury fillings after the previous days process. Another lady came out and was amazed that after removal of a 'gold' crown minutes ago (which didn't have any gold in it-a fraud upon her insurance company) the ringing in her ear stopped and a migraine went away.

I was called in to have a panoramic x-ray taken after which I waited a few more minutes until the Dr. was ready to see me. Immediately impressions were taken for the dental lab after which an IV connected to a Vitamin C drip was inserted into a vein in my right arm and I was given medical air through a tube in my nose (like you see emphysema patients using). Looking at the x-ray the Dr. showed me a bottom back tooth that had an abscess. This is a tooth that a Dr. Richard Hansen in Fullerton Calif. had done a partial root canal on using lasers to sterilize and biocalex (a calcium material) as filler. I now believe that root canals should never be done under any circumstances. I also asked the Dr. to check for cavitation infections in the jawbone from wisdom teeth extractions decades ago. They started the sedation through the IV and I began to feel very comfortable. The injections into my gums stung a little but nothing unbearable. I had 5 extractions, 3 metal crowns removed (some of which still had amalgam under the crown which had never been removed when the crown was placed) and one metal bridge removed as well as the cavitation procedures.

It took 5 hours but seemed like 2.  ....  I was a little tipsy when I arose from the chair.  ....   We hailed a cab which took us to the checkpoint where pedestrians walk through customs. I think we waited about 5 minutes to get through the line (probably a 2 hour wait in car-I'm glad we parked on the US side and took cabs). Now it is 3 days later and my gall bladder pain is gone, an unexpected benefit of getting all the metal and infection out of my mouth! I'm very happy with my visit to the Dr. and look forward to going back and getting my new Targis non metal crowns and bridge fitted.

Mike Turville
Orange, Ca

Hi Torrie its Richard from Canada

....  The Dr. did a great job i am impressed, and also you all made our stay there very comfortable ,,without you Torrie i would never have got this metal out thus remaining sick for the rest of my life ..THANK YOU also without you , Dr. I would have never been made available to me. Again THANK YOU Dr. and Torrie.

Richard Carriere,
Vancouver, Canada

Hi Torrie,

When my partner Art and I first met the Dr. about 7 years ago, Dr. Hulda Clark had a clinic in Tijuana and sent all her patients to him to have their mercury fillings removed, so his waiting room was always full of interesting people from all over the world with serious illnesses. We had our amalgam fillings removed--a lot of them for me! We lived in Tehachapi CA and it was a 5 hour drive one way. And whenever we needed dental work done, we headed back over to TJ! When we moved to Oregon (Eugene), Art still drove all the way to Tijuana to have some work done about a year or two ago.

We TRUST the Dr. and his team--we trust that they have our best interests at heart and will not pump us full of dangerous chemicals and use disease-producing procedures like root canals!

I've looked for dentists here with just a fraction of his integrity--to no avail. I finally found one who didn't use mercury, but he's still very attached to all the other AMA concepts, so I'd prefer he stay OUT of our mouths. Unfortunately, I broke a tooth last week (and the dentist mentioned above wants to root canal it); although a trip to Tijuana is not very practical right now, it's looking like the only alternative I want to live with!  Even if I have to have the tooth pulled, who else but the Dr. considers the cavitation issue and uses procedures to ensure this doesn't occur?

So now that I've found you to help me make the appointments, I'm considering making the trip to Tijuana with Art to have our dental needs attended to! Although $ is an issue, it would probably not cost much more to make the trip and it would surely be healthier for us!

Thanks for being there! I will look into...making such a trip and get back to you.

Best wishes,
Phyllis Linn,
Eugene, OR

Email to me from a patient of the Dr's.:

Here is a website from a patient who was literally saved by removing the mercury and other metals from her mouth. Larry met her yesterday at our dentist in TJ.

Over the years we have heard similar stories from many patients, who now bring their friends and family down to TJ. After reading the Dr's information, it would be easy to say, "yeah, right", but listening to the many personal stories that were really life changing makes a dramatic impact. For those who have seen me over the past year, you realize my health has improved dramatically. All my life I have taken medication for allergies. I moved from Chicago to Dallas partially because a doctor told me that I was allergic to the air (industrial pollution) in Chicago. Dallas did not help, so I tried the beach area in California. No relief there either. I always was on at least 1 (and up to 3) 12 hour sudafed at a time just to breathe. I could deal with that, but then 5 years ago the dr noticed that my platelet count was low and sent me to a blood doctor. I mean really really low. Average is 150. I averages 32, and one time, down to 16. Lab techs would go crazy. After a year of tests with no positive results, the blood doctor just said change my lifestyle, because if I broke a leg, I could bleed to death on the way to the hospital. The best they could come up with is that I was allergic to my own platelets and kept killing them off. My immune system was terrible and I would catch most bugs.

After removal of all metals (10 crowns of gold and ceramic lined with silver) and all mercury fillings, my immune system is working again. I do not take any medication for allergies and I can breathe. My platelets are back to reasonable and I was actually able to give blood twice this summer. The best part is the mental relief. This summer we spent time at Shasta and Mead on waverunners. I have my life back. Mercury poison affects different people in different ways. For some it is depression, some immunity deficiency, and others, allergy problems. My personal rationalization is that my parents had all their teeth removed in their 50's. Today we save our teeth longer, which keeps the mercury in our system longer, causing problems unknown by our parents. When my parents were killed by a drunk driver, I took up the slogan "Friends don't let friends drive drunk." Now I have a new slogan, "Friends don't let friends poison themselves with mercury." You are my friend, so you have received this testimony. Check out the website.

Elaine Bowdle,
La Quinta, CA

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